Book Box Update

After some long conversations with our advisor Lakshmi Suryanarayanan (Lakshmi Ma’am), director of Olcott Memorial High School, we have made some changes to our boxes. So, before I talk to you about how the testing went at all the schools we visited, I thought I’d quickly share with you what those changes are, and why we made them.

The Teacher’s Edition Book

teachers edition book IMG_0577

We added this version of the book to make it easy for teachers to read to the students, especially those of lower grade levels. As you can see from the picture, the words are also printed on the back side, so the teacher can easily read the book to the students, without having to read it upside down.

Story Books

storybook IMG_0476

We didn’t make many changes to the story books, except for printing it out on durable paper, so that the copies can (hopefully) be used for many years.

Poster Activity

IMG_0912 IMG_0432

We decided against using velcro for the poster activities. We found that it took too much time and effort to glue pieces of velcro onto each poster and individual card, and we realized that it would be unrealistic to expect someone to do this for every single box that we send to schools in the future. Next time, we might print out the posters on magnet sheets instead.

Bingo Game

IMG_0904 IMG_0484

We added this new game to the box, in which students place a marker on each body part picture or word as they’re called out (pictures for younger students to practice vocabulary, words for older students to practice reading). When they finish filling up the card, they yell BINGO as loud as they can. It’s proven to be very fun for the kids.

Sentence Building Cards

IMG_0899 IMG_0542

We changed these cards by making them bigger, and getting rid of the magnetic back. We realized that it would be much easier for students to play with the cards on the floor, while sitting in circles, as you can see in the picture above.

To see more pictures, check out


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